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Dear Moscow visitors, we are happy you re visiting this website. Here you can find some information about visiting some interesting places in Moscow. A few history lessons (to keep you interested): Moscow is a capital of Russian Feredation, it was founded in 1147 and standing on a moscow river in the western part of the country. In it's historical center it is an ancient tower named Kremlin - a residence of president of Russian Federation. Moscow still remains the city of theatres. A demanding gentleman will love it by heart. Here they are:


It's a symbol of Russian Federation. It won our honor due to greatest artists involved and it influenced on our history much. Take the metro to Teatralnaya (Bolshoi Theatre exit) or Okhotnyi ryad (Theatre Square exit).


It's one of the oldest Moscow theatres - the neighbor of BOLSHOI THEATRE - and located also in the heard of Moscow - you can access there by reaching metro station Teatralnaya Ploschad (Theatre Square).


It's a huge art museum, founded in 1856, for demanding gentleman. The address is: Lavrushinsky lane, 10. Working hours are: tue, wed, sun (10 am - 6 pm), thu, fr, sat (10 am - 9 pm). Mon is a day off.

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