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Escort in Moscow Zoe


Nearest metro station: Pushkinskaya
Age 20
Height 174 cm, 5'7''
Weight 50 kg, 110 lb
Bust D
Provides: outcall
outcall to hotel room
outcall to apartment


Classical sex:
Anal sex:
Lesbian show: no
Services for couples:
Blowjob: without condom
Cumshot: on face
on body
Massage: relaxed
Girlfriend Experience:
Shower together:
Dinner date:
Kissing: kissing
Golden shower giving:
Approved: yes
Prices rub usd eur
1 hour 10000 160 150
2 hours 15000 250 200
About me

Hello, dear visitor, hoping you're having a wonderful day. Being an escort in Moscow, I can implement some ideas and date interesting people. I'm sure our date will look like an explosion of positive emotions, we will share energy with each other. You will wish our encounter will never end, I like only sexy and erotic games, and hoping if you call me someday you will have a real intention for meeting and no games from your side. Everything in me will make you like you much. We can smile, laugh and talk much together, just tell me what do you expect.

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Escort in Moscow Zoe

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