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Escort in Moscow Molly

Nearest metro station: Belorusskaya
Age 20
Height 175 cm, 5'7''
Weight 51 kg, 112 lb
Bust E
Provides: outcall
outcall to hotel room
outcall to apartment


Classical sex:
Anal sex:
Lesbian show: no
Services for couples:
Blowjob: with condom
Cumshot: on body
Massage: relaxed
Girlfriend Experience:
Shower together:
Dinner date:
Kissing: kissing
Golden shower giving:
Approved: Profile pending approval
Prices rub usd eur
2 hours 20000 300 250
About me

Hi, it's so nice you're here, means, you're interested in visiting my profile and see more pictures, and, perhabs, you're alone in Moscow at the moment. Maybe it's a good thing, because you have a perfect opportunity to meet me, I'm, as an escort in Moscow, will try to satisfy your demanding needs and I'm sure I will be a worth choice for you, because I'm quite flexible in doing everything, including some things you've never done before, I'm extremely passionate and my availability is very flexible too, here you can find my pictures, which are supposed to be real, recent and I never edited them. I think it's a gorgeous opportunity for both us to get to know each other. We're able to deal in a finest way, I'm sure

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Escort in Moscow Molly

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