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Moscow escort Eliza


Nearest metro station: Arbatskaya
Age 21
Height 173 cm, 5'6''
Weight 50 kg, 110 lb
Bust 3.5
Provides: outcall
outcall to hotel room
outcall to apartment


Classical sex:
Anal sex:
Lesbian show:
Services for couples:
Blowjob: without condom
Cumshot: on face
on body
Massage: relaxed
Girlfriend Experience:
Shower together:
Dinner date:
Kissing: kissing
deep french kissing
Golden shower giving:
Approved: yes
Prices rub usd eur
1 hour 7000 160 140
2 hours 15000 250 200
About me

I'm very sexy, with a perfect body curves, slim blonde, well groomed and polite. I can arrive your place, hotel or apartment, i also have a modeling girlfriend who doesn't mind to join us if you're with friend. I attached a selfie from life to proove I'm real, if you are looking for Moscow escort, then search no further please, I'm suitable for you in any cases, I'm flexible in everything, starting from rates and arrival time, and the main thing is I can fulfill your desires.

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Moscow escort Eliza

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