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Escort girl in Moscow Bella


Nearest metro station: Paveletskaya
Age 23
Height 172 cm, 5'6''
Weight 48 kg, 108 lb
Bust D
Provides: outcall
outcall to hotel room
outcall to apartment


Classical sex:
Anal sex:
Lesbian show: no
Services for couples:
Blowjob: without condom
Cumshot: on face
on body
Massage: professional
Girlfriend Experience:
Shower together:
Dinner date:
Kissing: kissing
deep french kissing
Golden shower giving:
Approved: yes
Prices rub usd eur
1 hour 7000 130 120
2 hours 14000 220 200
About me

Hi, thanks for browsing my webpage. I'm independent escort girl in Moscow, nice companion, always ready to try out new things. This kind of work is not only a job for me, something more.. I'd like to meet new interesting people there, everything in my figure is natural: breast, lips, hair. I have a graceful figure and nice body curves, graceful and with positive thoughts, hoping your intentions are real and sweet, there are many words i can write, describing myself, but i know for sure, I am a real and charming girl. I wear beautiful lingerie. If you're tired after hard working day and explored already all sighseeing, it's a erfect time now to book me and stay satisfied. I have much to offer, my rates are flexible and negotiable. It's very interesting when people from different countries meet, that's why i like foreign people. Being an escort girl in Moscow, i can get new emotions. Call me now!

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Escort girl in Moscow Bella

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