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Moscow call girl Amelia


Nearest metro station: Paveletskaya
Age 20
Height 173 cm, 5'6''
Weight 49 kg, 109 lb
Bust 3
Provides: outcall
outcall to hotel room
outcall to apartment


Classical sex:
Anal sex:
Lesbian show:
Services for couples:
Blowjob: without condom
Cumshot: on face
on body
Massage: professional
Girlfriend Experience:
Shower together:
Dinner date:
Kissing: kissing
deep french kissing
Golden shower giving:
Approved: yes
Prices rub usd eur
2 hours 10000 200 180
About me

I'm independent, but have classy girlfriend with me. I'm real, have skinny body, Moscow call girl. Everything is natural in my figure. We can come together if you're staying with a friend and have separate rooms or i can come alone. I provide wide range of services, i'm also very good in doing massage. My inspiration never ends: I will show you new ways to stay satisfied. There are couple of reasons to trust me: firstly, I'm genuine and my pictures are untouched, secondly, I'm able to bring you to the paradise, providing an exclusive services and by means of that - making you happy. My intimate ideology isn't conservative: I'm sensual and will seduce you. My alluring appearance will capture you, and you will be no more stressed. It can be a short date, as well as a longer meeting, which can lasts probably six hours. I'm a Moscow call girl and will rise your spirit up, increasing pleasure.

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Moscow call girl Amelia

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